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    Rim Protector

    Have you ever had trouble when parking your car and scratched your rim? The solution is Rim Protector.

    Available almost in every colour. It protects the rim and revives the look of your car.


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    Rim repair

    If you happened to find a pot-hole on the road, we will help you with repair your engine and tire rim.

    Repair, welding and sintering of damaged rim.


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    Tire Repair

    Car and motorcycle tire repair and balancing. Static balancing in case of motorcycles.

    This is how Talmácsi became a world champion.


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    Maintenance of all types of motorcycles with 30 years of experience of a professional mechanical engineer.

    Your bike was designed by an army of engineers, let an engineer take care of its maintenance too!


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    Tire retail

    Retail of new and second hand tires with warrantee!

    Wide range of Sport-Enduro-Tour Tires.


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Rim Protector

Rim band which protects the rim from the damages made by the pavement upon impact with the wheel. In case of not proper parking routine the rim is the first to get into contact with the pavement and gets damaged easily. The repair of these damages is time consuming and cost a lot of money. Rim band is designed to avoid this discomfort. It is produced in every colour and can be harmonised with the colour of the car making it a nice accessory.

Strong application to the rim protects it and in case of damage the rim itself remains intact.

It can be applied to most of the rims on the market. The coloured rim band can be prepared in one day, while the repair of the whole rim occasionally takes a few weeks and is very expensive.



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